Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Caught telling tails

Labour candidate number 3 caught out!

This time it's Timbo the Terrier who has been caught lying to the voters of Picton Ward.

In fact not only has he lied, but he has libelled the Independent Audit Commission in the little message he left on residents doorsteps.

The Chief Executive of the Council has referred the matter to the Audit Commission for them to decide on the appropriate action.

This must surely be an major embarrassment to the deeply religious Tim.

Thanks to his mistake in getting involved with the Liverpool Labour Party, he might be doing time in the doghouse before he gets to heaven.

He has just 8 days left to show he is ashamed, and publicly apologise to the good citizens of Picton.

Incredibly, my blogging nemesis, The Bulldog, (who also makes a big issue of her religious activity) boasted on her blog that she was writing this leaflet. Obviously they don't believe that morality should apply to political campaigning.

My advice with Labour leaflets is to do what I do, and rip them to shreds as they come through the letterbox!


A real scouse boy said...

You act as if you are surprised at Liebour. Spin and downright lies are what the Labour party do best these days. It's certainly not sticking up for the poor - we know that much!

Modster said...

Dude! Cheers for popping into the campaigns office today was good to see you, but you brought no sausages!
I'm quite disgusted at Timbo for releasing that leaflet... he should be ashamed of himself!


Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more. The local Labour party are a disgrace...then again they are led by Honest Joe Ando!!!

Anonymous said...

Dude.. are you one of those dogs that bites the fingers of leaflet deliverers??

Dan Thurgood said...

I don't understand. I thought lying was when you say something that isn't true. Labour say that the Audit Commission said that LCC waste £101 per council taxpayer. That is what Mr Beaumont's leaflet said. Your diatribe seems to be about someone else's claim that Council Tax is £101 more than it should be. These are two completely different statements about CT in Liverpool. It seemed pretty clear to me - why the vitriol?

Anonymous said...

Which little doggy has been eating too many porkie pies then?

A shaggy dog tail if ever I heard one.

Mr Hilton has not received any such email from the Audit Commission and does not expect to either.

Dude the Dog said...


Just to be absolutely clear for you.

Timbo claimed that the Audit Commission said the Lib dems Wasted £101 per person per year.

The Chief Executive of the Audit Commission has stated that they (the audit commission) have never made such a statement and would never do so.

Printing a statement that is untrue, is lying. Printing a false statement about a person or organization's views is a lying and also libelous.

And, Anonymous, Mr Hilton did not recieve an e-mail from the audit commission, he sent an e-mail to them. Try reading things before shooting your mouth off, and you won't look like such an idiot.

Dan Thurgood said...

Hi Dude,

Your blog clearly shows an email from the AC saying, "We (the Audit Commission) have not said that your council tax is £101 higher than it should be..."
Tim's leaflet doesn't claim this. The statements made are two totally different tenets. Perhaps you should email the AC again and ask them to clarify what they DID say about the £101 figure? There are numerous reports online stating that Liverpool was declared the worst council in the country for financial waste. Value for money rating: 2 out of 5. Surely you can see that that is not very good?

Dude the Dog said...


This was the response of the audit commission, after they read the Labour leaflet. They have never made a £101 claim.

That claim was made by a Labour minister, who later admited he took a national figure and applied it to Liverpool, and has no evidence to back it up. In other words, he made it up!

I realise this is embarrasing, as you go to Tim's church. But Tim should not have allowed Labour to print lies in his name.

Just to make the position perfectly clear, Tim Beaumont is a liar. Now sue us if you don't think we have enough evidence!

Dude the Dog said...

I never thought a little dog could have so much influence. Labour running around chasing their own tails, just because of my little old blog.

I have had a number of posts from Labour councillors claiming that the Chief Executive of the Audit Commission did not send the quoted e-mail to the Chief Executive of Liverpool City Council. So what? Has it not occurred to any of you that the Chief Executive of the Audit Commission is allowed to e-mail Lib Dems directly, without going through Mr Hilton?

If you don't believe this, contact him yourself. Or issue a writ, and the e-mail can be produced in court.

You have been caught lying and you know it.

After Iraq you obviously think you can get away with lying on anything you want! You should all be ashamed of yourselves, particularly those of you who claim to be Christians.

Now I am not taking any more pathetic postings trying to wriggle out of this. You are liars, you have been caught out, and you are only making it worse for yourselves.

Anonymous said...

Obviously lying isn't a sin at the Frontline, or perhaps the ends justify the means?