Friday, April 11, 2008

Trembling behind the sofa

My blogging nemesis, The Bulldog, is cross with me.

Apparently she launched into a tirade against me on her blog, saying that I should be ashamed of myself (Although, as far as I am aware I have never disgraced myself on her carpet)!

She says I had no right to expose such an upstanding canine specimen as Liam the Lurcher, just because he is two timing the people of Kensington.

She says Liam is wonderful, a fine young man, and she is full of admiration for him... I hope he knows what he's in for, when she invites him back to her place to see her Boro FC strip.

I feel well and truly chastised, and I am going to go and hide behind the sofa, trembling!

Just remembered, I had promised to reveal the top secret leaked email sent by Rosie. Oh well, it's getting late so I will do it tomorrow.

Lots of doggie love,

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