Sunday, April 20, 2008

Expletives deleted

Just had yet another charming selection of comments from Labour. This latest one was foul mouthed, incoherent, and almost certainly drunk.

I think I know exactly which Labour member that was!

I am generally happy to allow my critics to have their say, particularly when they are as stupid as this individual.

In his rant he did admit that Labour have now given up all hope of winning overall control of liverpool.

Nevertheless, foul language will not be accepted. After all, this is a family blog and I am a family dog!

Now, as I warned the last human, I can make it to the gate in 3 seconds. Can you?


1 comment:

Susie said...

Shame on Labour for posting bad language on a family blog, with children reading too! Where is Mary Whitehouse when you need here?