Monday, April 14, 2008

Snout in the dog bowl

Latest news from Joe the Pitbull (known to some humans as Mr Potatohead) as he announces his priority if he becomes Liverpool's Top Dog in the Town Hall.

He wants to give himself a massive pay rise - which could take him up to £50,000 a year! That's an awful lot of dog food and squeaky toys.

£50,000 a year..."Because I'm worth it!"

So... Not only did he want your council tax to be £144 higher... thinks it's not business friendly to tax landlords and property developers who leave houses empty to blight our communities...and I could go on (and probably will another day) but his first job on gaining power will be to put his own snout in the dog bowl!

And it's not the first time he has demanded a pay rise. In 2005 he called for a pay rise for himself. But an independent panel said he didn't deserve it!

Obviously he thinks he's worth it, even though he has one of the worst attendance records of any councillor.

Obviously we are paying him just to run Liverpool's Anti-PR department (and I must admit he has done a great job at it)!

He has the cheek to promise a war on waste. The biggest waste of money in the city is that we are currently paying him £20,000 a year to do so little that benefits the city!

Of course, this does mean that there will be one person in Liverpool who wouldn't be worse off, once Labour get their paws on our council tax.

Catch ya next time.
Lots of doggie love,

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