Saturday, April 19, 2008

In a hole - and still digging

The fallout from Labour's 10p tax rate fiasco continues, both within the Labour party and the ever increasing band of disillusioned ex-Labour voters I am meeting on the doorsteps and by the lamp posts.

Wavertree Labour MP Jane Kennedy has been busy digging holes like a manically depressed terrier.

The Sun (not a paper I would normally be willing to have my own mess picked up with - I'm a good Scouse dog after all!) is the latest to rip her to shreds.

"Bleating Treasury minister Jane Kennedy was interrupted by a woman pensioner during a radio interview last week. The woman asked how she would like to lose £200 out of an income of just £8,000.

Well, whined Kennedy, the lady must be grateful for other Labour acts of kindness to the elderly — such as tax credits which are so complicated that two million of the poorest don’t claim them.

Former [Labour] supporters are already deserting in droves.

Many of the seats are marginal, like Jane Kennedy, whose majority in Liverpool Wavertree is just 5,173.

Maybe she’ll find out just how generous Labour has been when she’s looking for a job."

I am reminded of Jeremy Paxman's infamous quote on Newsnight:

"Jane Kennedy... how can families across this country ever trust you again?"

We haven't finished this campaign yet and am already looking forward to the next one!

I can see the leaflets already. No one ever said politics could be so much fun!

Catch ya next time.
Lots of doggie love,

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Anonymous said...

You know, I cannot wait until election night when we take you lot out of overall control! What a great result its going to be for us in the Labour Party and what a disaster for you lot!! Which one of you will fall first? Marylin Fielding in County? Now I'd throw a few quid on that one. How about Robbie Quinn in Anfield? Because how will the electorate react to the Wood/ Turner/ Quinn love triangle story from the Daily Mirror all those years ago? No, No, Tom Marshall in Belle Vale's got to be first to go...then again it could be Frank Doran? Or the piss head councillor in St. Michaels who will wiped out by the Greens...Mr Irving for sure will be heading back to Southport and will no longer have to pretend to live in Liverpool...then of course there is Andrew Makinson in Picton...that's where i'll be on polling day making sure that grotty little shit does not step foot in the Town Hall again!