Saturday, April 5, 2008

More campaigning

Boy am I tired. No one told me that an election campaign involved so much walking.

Today we have been delivering our new campaign newspaper. It's very good, but no pictures of me this time! Unfortunately the ink does tend to come off and I'm a bit cross no one bothered to tell me I was walking around with ink smudges on my nose.

I am convinced that the election winning strategy is to have lots of pictures on me on every leaflet. Will have to raise this at the next campaign meeting...I hope Phil brings those sausages!

I believe it was the Grand National today, with record crowds in Liverpool and every hotel room full again. It's really amazing how the city is being transformed. We were too busy to watch any of the race, but I hope everyone else enjoyed it.

Looking forward to putting my paws up this evening to watch the new Doctor Who series, but it's just not the same without K9 in charge!

I think I will get in some head on paws time before dinner.

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