Thursday, March 18, 2010

"Berger crumbles" say students

While the voters of Wavertree eagerly await the broadcast of the first televised head to head debate between local candidates (tonight at 11.35 on ITV) JMU Journalism students have given us an advance review of London Luciana's performance.

"Wavertree's Labour candidate, Luciana Berger fell to pieces in the first debate of the Election campaign... When given 30 seconds to sell themselves in the debate at Riley's Snooker Hall near Picton Clock, Berger froze, clasping her hands over her head repeatedly saying: “Sorry, can we start again?"

Following the re-take, which saw Colin Eldridge reiterate his pitch on fairness for the electorate, the 27-year-old Labour hopeful spoke in an unconvincing manner about her confidence in the party.

The shaky start then got worse as Eldridge blamed the lack of funding for police and university students on Labour’s ID card scheme, which was met with a weak response by Berger.

Tory Garnett then hit the crumbling candidate with yet more blame: “For too long this Labour government has tied our police down through bureaucracy and bureaucracy.”

He also highlighted early releases from prison to be the cause of a surge in crime. After a lengthy pause, Berger could only reply: "I don't think that's right."

After the filming, Berger left swiftly with the current Labour MP for Wavertree, Jane Kennedy, whilst the other candidates mingled with the TV crew and spoke to JMU Journalism.

Despite numerous requests by JMU Journalism, Berger would not comment on her performance."
Oh dear, sounds like Labour's high flyer has had her wings clipped. And her request to start again is reminiscent of John Prescott's infamous "Sorry I made that cr*p" gaff.

So clearly the people of Wavertree are being offered a Labour candidate who is neither local nor competent. So what's left?

Admittedly Luciana is prettier than Eldridge, and has a red rosette. Do they really think that is enough?

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