Thursday, March 4, 2010

Life in The Sun

Many have said that the Labour leadership think the sun shines out of Luciana's... (how would Jim Royle put it?)

But Londoner Luciana failed to realise that following The Sun is a big no no in Liverpool. In fact I would go so far as to say I wouldn't have my own mess picked up with that rag!

The internet is awash with condemnation for happless Luciana for following The Sun "newspaper" on Twitter, with Liverpool FC supporters especially outraged.

Clearly if she had any real interst in Liverpool at all, she would have read up on key local events such as the Hillsborough tragedy and would understand why everyone was so upset.

More and more people are coming to the conclusion that she only cares about furthering herself and her own ambitions.

At first it was funny, but this has to be the final straw. Luciana, it's time you paid for your own ticket back to London, because the people of Liverpool are sure as hell not going to be sending you there to represent them.


Sally The Sheepdog said...

She's really out of her depth.

Either she has been very badly briefed on the important things to know about Liverpool or she has been too arrogant to ask!

Phythian Pete said...

Kenny resident tells me La Burger called on her the other day. After unsuccessfully trying to get Mum to vote for her she turned to her little boy and asked him what he thought of the PM. " He's Poo !" came the reply.

Wavertreee (with three 'e's) said...

She's not just following the Sun.

From what I saw on Saturday, the lovely Luciana, Cllr Robinson, and Lady Jane Kennedy where following the newspapers i'd just posted through residents doors in Kensington.

I hope it didn't have any effect on your canvassing, guys.

Jane, as you are (currently) my representative in Parliament, and Luciana, you aspire to be just that, you could have at least responded to my cheerio hello?

Dude the Dog said...

Just typical isn't it, 3e's! They take you to war, give you tuition fees to pay, slash your civil liberties, milk you for expenses, and then they ignore you in the street!

What an insult!

Barbara Woodhouse (dead) said...

Dude and Sally, are you an item ? Whatever will your offspring look like ?

Hostess with the mostest said...

When it comes to good manners they are just playing follow my leader.

See these comments in the Mail from the BA hostesses who serve Gordon in First Class.

"British Airways stewardesses who wait hand and foot on Gordon Brown in his first-class cabin on foreign trips are not surprised by claims that he has upset staff in No10. ‘He is ruder than any pop star brat,’ said one.

‘If you serve him a drink and he doesn’t want it, he waves you away brusquely. There’s no please and thank you – he never speaks.’"

Anonymous said...

What do you expect? Unlucky Lu's boyfriend used to be a News of the World journalist.