Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Incedent exposure

Not yet gone, but soon forgotten, I realised it's been a long time since I updated you on the antics of my blogging nemesis.

Regular readers of the Vote 2007 forum were left shocked when Lou-Bo (under the nom-de-plume of oldwarhorse) exposed herself as penance for falsely accusing a forum poster of being a member of the odious BNP.

Someone else added to the exposure of my blogging nemesis recently, seemingly having followed her round taking pictures of her as she went about her business in town.

I really disapprove of such behaviour, and would urge you to stop such activities immediately.
I certainly never want to receive pictures like this,

and this, in my mail box again.

You have been warned. Grrrrr!


Ethical Bill said...

I totally agree with you dude, such behaviour is unacceptable!

Anonymous said...

This is an all time low and may possibly even constitute illegal harassment and stalking by the ever desperate Lib Dems!

Anonymous said...

There is a line between satire and stalking and this crosses it.

Mannequin said...

If I were Louise, and thankfully I'm not, I'd be having a good laugh at the above comments by Anonymous. For those of you with poor memories, or couldn't be bothered looking through her blog archive, you'll find that these pictures were taken with her full approval and consent. She was taking part in a well-planned "art-situationalist" exercise...a bit like being a living statue in the city streets. Other people were doing it all over the place though she was, actually, the best dummy on the day. ; )

A real scouse boy said...

Like Dude, I think it's disgraceful that anyone would do this. I think we should be grateful to him for bringing this to our attention.

Anonymous said...

You really are obsessed aren't you?

I am sure Louise doesn't give a flying one about what you say or do, but you really are very very obsessed with what she does!

Do you fancy her, is that it? Or are you threatened? Or are you jealous of her? It must be something because you really are obsessed.

Dude the Dog said...

Looking back through the records, I don't seem to have mentioned Louise since 19th January, so I wouldn't say I was obsessed.

However, as someone who blogs regularly and frequently posts controversial comments on a wide range of web sites, she obviously stands out as a target for my attention.

Loves Labours Lost (Kenny-style) said...

I quite like the first picture, Dude.

Imagine that in your face, at, say, a community festival?

Come on, Luv - if your gonna comment on here, at least use your own name ;)

Old carthorse said...

Eff off !