Monday, March 22, 2010

Mid life crisis man

Nothing I could say about this obnoxious idiot could do him as much justice as his own Youtube video inviting people to sleep with Cameron's wife and take his children, or his arrogant tv interviews afterwards, as you saw here a few weeks ago.

He insists he's not a "proppa blogga" unlike his friend Tom Watson. In fact he is a "Proppa W*nkka" who makes the average Tory seem cuddly.

Really to compare him to our anti-hero from 80's comedy The Young Ones is an insult to a much loved TV character.
Talk about mid-life crisis. At 41 you are too old for a student hair cut, or to be going out with a 28 year old "glamorous" Luciana. What does she see in him? Surely not the "power" of him being a government minister?"

I don't say this lightly, but you have to think that when this former News of the World journalist abandoned his wife and two children, he was doing them a favour.

But as Sion would say, this is not offensive, its satire making an important political point. And if Sion is in any way offended by this, he should get in touch with me.


Anonymous said...

So what if he's older than Luciana! What's age to do with it? Not like any of you UGLY Lib Dems could pull a decent looking girl.

The Dogs Baldocks said...

Wasn't Miss Berger fabulous at the debate last night, with all her loving activists surrounding her.

Oh no, that was 7 Labour councillors, clearly under instruction from Uncle Joe

Anonymous said...

If his lack of looks were offset by charm, it would not be an issue. But clearly he is even less charming than he is attractive.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't it interesting how no Lib Dem councillors wanted to be seen supporting Colin?

Ethical Bill said...

Wasn't it interesting that all the Lib Dem Councillors knew their candidate could stand on his own two feet without a mob of minders.

Wavertreee (with 3 'e's) said...

I think my favourite part of last nights debate was when Colin put the Labour non-entities in their place when he pointed out after their causing an interruption that "I see seven Labour Cllrs here and all you have done is hen-peck the audience" - to wild applause.

Sorry guys, the room was clearly against you and the carpet-bagger on stage.

I thought it a bit low that Steve Rortherham then proceeded to have a full-scale debate with another member of the audience - hardly the behaviour of a prospective future MP.

The Lib Dems didn't need to organise minders for Colin. And those supporting him there behaved with constraint and dignity - the total opposite of Labour. Well, thats of no surprise to anyone who has seen a full council session, is it?

Anonymous said...

Were the so called "minders" encouraged to answer the questions on behalf of the Labour candidate then? Or did she answer them herself (thus making a total mockery of your point).

candidate said...

When you are a candidate the last thing you want is activists who could be out door knocking or doing other stuff hanging around to watch you in a debate. So 7 people who are guaranteed labour voters anyway wasted a few hours when they could have been campaigning.

Dump Anderson said...

Personally I always liked Gideon Ben Tovim's bouffant

Wavertreee (with 3 'e's) said...

Dear 'candidate', considering it was 9pm at night on a Sunday evening, I can fully understand why Luciana's activists where not there in the debating chamber, and out in force campaigning - presumably utilising all the time they have.

Blind panic would have been in-set - considering the disaster that is the carpet-bagger. Well considering Mr. Eldridge is now odds-on fave, she isn't really deserving of that title. Is she even fit to be a candidate, considering the weak and un-authoritive script-like responses she gave?

Though to be fair, the Labour councillors present may feel secure. It may explain why Baldock wasn't there. (This is the same Baldock who works "extremely closely" with the carpet-bagger).

Anon, I should imagine the unmagnificent seven where encouraged by Uncle Joe to cause disruption - in the only way they know how. It may explain their uncouth and uneducated chatterings both before during and after the debate.

Bring Back Gideon said...

Well yeah, I agree with Dump Anderson. Gideon had a bit of class. Nice guy, not a thug. Anyway, can you imagine Anderson with a bouffant hairstyle ? Dude - can you work your magic and come up with a combo of Anderson's pate topped with Gideon's bouffant ? A challenge I know !