Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Holy imitations

While my pious Labour readers in Liverpool like to take the moral high-ground and condemn every satirical comment made by Sally and me, their colleagues over on the Wirral seem to have more of a sense of humour.

A reader referred me to the blog of Sister Mary of Wallasey, who seems to operate on a remarkably similar premise to the blog in front of you.

Sister Mary's blog is awash with lookalikes and political gossip. And even the disclaimer appears to have been copied from my humble little blog.

This is the satirical blog of Sister Mary of Wallasey and all entries are written in Mary's personal capacity.
It is in no way designed to represent the official (or unofficial) viewpoint of any political party or candidate, and is not within their control. A fellow sister in the Tory Party inspired Mary to bring this blog to life. You know who you are! Enjoy!

So I am waiting for my Labour readers to head over there and condemn their colleagues for their disgraceful mockery of the Catholic Church, and using a fake nun to hurle vile abuse at their opponents.

I won't hold my breath!


Father Francis said...

I love nuns - they don't approve of a Labour candidate who breaks up a happy home

Sally The Sheepdog said...

Dude, I think that's meant to be Holy rather than holly

Dude the Dog said...

Thanks Sally.

I met a very nice Jack Russell called Holly that morning. I was still thinking about her when I wrote that story.

Deap Fat Friar said...

They also don't approve of local MPs who break their marriage vows by sleeping with Jeoff Hoon!

Sally The Sheepdog said...

Yes we all know you are one for the ladies Dude!

I CLAUDIUS said...

I think we need a statement from the Labour candidate about her religious views and opinions about others don't you ?