Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Now Labour want to tax your furry friend

Sorry for the delay in today's update, there was some confusion between Dude & myself over who was posting today.

If there is one thing that can traditionally be said about the English, it's that you are a nation of animal lovers.

Rich or poor, young or old, many people value the companionship and protection offered by my species.

So it would seem like shooting yourself in the foot for any political party to impose a tax on dog ownership. But that is what Labour now plan.

When they should be cracking down on canine thugs and their shaven headed owners, in typical New Labour style they plan to hit everyone, from the Chihuahuab to the St Bernard with a stealth tax and make little old ladies sit an exam to decide if they should be allowed to keep their faithful friend and companion.

The plan has already been attacked by animal charities, who rightly point out that yobs will ignore the test, leaving responsible owners penalized.

I know that my elderly owner is already getting worried about this, and was getting upset at the prospect as she read her newspaper. In the end I had to put my head through the paper to cheer her up.

The blogosphere is already awash with angry comments, saying Labour want to ban the poor from having pets.

This is one ill thought out policy which seriously needs to be dropped.


Mrs. Furious Gay said...

Ooooh, whats the name of your owner, Darhlin?

Mrs Perkins said...

I'm really worried about this. Will I have to have to give up my little Willie?

John Noakes said...

Now listen, I won't tell you again...get down, Shep!!!