Friday, March 19, 2010

I want to hold your hand

(That's the title of a song by a popular beat combo from Liverpool, who Luciana may not have heard of)

If there is one thing you would expect an expensive public school education to give you, it's self confidence.

Not so for young Luciana, who is apparently unable to canvass without Jane Kennedy at her side, and had to have the outgoing MP holding her hand for last night's ITV debate (which you can watch here).

Meanwhile, Picton campaigners tell me that she needed City Centre Labour Councillor Steve Mumby to take her to a community meeting in a local school.

He had to personally take her into the actual meeting, before quickly leaving looking rather embarrassed. Rather like a parent taking a shy toddler to a children's party.

"And this is Wavertree's prospective MP?" I hear you exclaim.

Surely most teenagers could represent themselves better than this? How would she cope with speaking in the bear pit of parliament? Not so much a "strong voice" but a squeak from behind the bench.


Professor Y. Chucklebutty said...

Hello Doodles, by Jove, you let me down, you bad dog! I read your post on the TV Debate to decide Wavertree's best loved sit-com, expecting to see one of them squirming, in the way you described in your post. Let's face it, it is always enjoyable, no matter which side they are on.
So I am very cross with you for leading me up the garden path unless you have now posted a link to the wrong video.

The stage was set "which sit-com will you vote for?"

The Candidates were;

Mr Alf Garnet for "Til death us do Cut"

Ms Lucky Berger for "I Love Lucy"

and your man Colin Partridge A Ha! for
" Oh No It's Selwyn Froggitt"

Well the only one I saw really squirming was Little Boy Blue, Mr Garnet. How have you changed, asked Joe Anderson Lookalike presenter, we are not the same bastards as we were in the 80s was pretty much the response. No indeed, they are a different bunch of...

Although the more I looked at him, rather than Alf Garnet,he reminded me of Comedian Norman Collier, You remember him, the act with the dodgy microphone or the Laughing Clown in Blackpool or the Chicken. Very good turn he was. Norman I mean, not the other pillock - I mean candidate.

Now I admit that the Lucy show looked a little flustered for about five seconds when faced with a three pronged attack from the presenter, Selwyn and Alf, but she quickly recovered, and even though let me add, I was not 100% a fan of the outcome of the selection process, I think that on that performance, she showed she was confident,capable and had good knowledge of the issues.

But on the whole, for the purposes of that 5 minutes of fame programme, I think your man came across best.Calm, smiling and for the most part confident in his responses. He had a moment of fluster too but as far as I could see neither made a dogs dinner out of it and both gave a good performance, in fact they were a damned site better than some of the parliamentary buffoons that you see churning out nonesense and avoiding the question on Newsnight with Kirsty Paxmann.

So what I am saying is, be like me, take a leaf out of my hair and keep the debate sensible. I think you make some of this stuff up!

Stick to the hard facts, not these silly flights of fancy suggesting that Ms Berger had to be coaxed down from the roof. Mind you, your chap Wally would come in handy there.

Your Favourite Sausage Knotter

Tannoy said...

Well, after viewing that, I think Colin came out on top - not sure about the line where he said something like "I'm sure everyone will agree if Vince Cable has looked at it the sums will add up", just a tad weak, but still head and shoulders above Luciana 'Gordon Brown is great, and our budget deficit is all down to america' Berger. The Tory guy seemed quite strong until asked at the end how the Conservatives had changed, and then fell flat on his face at the final hurdle...

None of them are a Jed Bartlet though let's face it...

Dude the Dog said...

Thanks for two thoughtful and well considered responses.

Clearly the broadcast was edited to remove Luciana's biggest slip ups, so she didn't come across quite as bad as reported by JMU Journalism.

It doesn't change the fact she was obviously not proud of her performance as she refused to be interviewed about it and didn't bother telling her twitter followers she had a great debate or encourage them to watch, unlike Colin.

Lets face it though, a public school educated high flyer should have been able to wipe the floor with a comprehensive educated dry cleaner who Labour like to claim can't string a sentence together!

Anonymous said...

Seems someone else may be holding her hand too.

Steve4Walton.com has the same freepost address as the Burger.

So much for Kilfoyle's posturing against her - his man and her may well be opening each other's letters!!

ALLOUT ! said...

Well it's the age old working man's question isn't it - "Who could you imagine having a pint in the pub with ?". It's gotta be Eldridge !