Thursday, March 25, 2010

On facebook

I have frequently been criticised for confining myself to one medium, i.e this blog, rather than branching out into the wider webshere to share my wisdom with a wider audience.

So at last I have launched my facebook fan page, which you can join by clicking on the logo.

My facebook page gives me the opportunity to include a feature requested by many regular readers. Photo-albums so you can easily trawl back trough my lookalike archive for your amusement.

I am amazed at how many fans I have already found, so why don't you pop over and join them?

I do draw the line at twittering though.

Have you ever tried typing on a mobile phone keyboard with paws like mine? I doubt it, but believe me it's not possible.


A real scouse boy said...

You are right not to tweet Dude. Too many twitters make a Sion Simon.

Anonymous said...

Breaking news about Bill Glessons piece about Colin Eldridge in the Echo's Business magazine:


Well, that's something new...Bill Gleeson's new role as political journalist. Must be getting pretty bad at the Echo when people are having to job-share. I wonder if David or Marc are going to be asked to do the horoscope?

Anyway, here's something to think about...

(Joe Anderson on the phone to Alistair McRae, Editor Liverpool Echo)

JA: "I thought you said you were going to start rubbishing Colin Eldridge. What's going on?".

AMcR: "Don't worry. I've had a word with Bill Gleeson. He's done a great piece in the business magazine today".

JA: "What? How many Labour people are going to read that?".

AMcR: "Enough".

JA: "Well, we need more. Berger's campaign's going off the rails and time's running out".

AMcR: "We got Mrs Shields to do the interview, didn't we? What else do you want?"

JA: "Get onto Bartlett. Waddington if you have to. Tell them things aren't going to plan. Eldridge is beginning to race ahead and we could be toast".

AMcR: "OK. Just one thing though".

JA: "What?"

AMcR: "What do you want me to put in the Echo Comment tonight?"

JA: "Anything you like as long as it's bad news for Eldridge".

AMcR: "Fine. Catch up later. Bye".

Dude the Dog said...