Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Giza Holiday

Uncle Joe Anderson has announced that his first act as Leader of the Council (snigger) would be to go on an all expenses paid jolly to Egypt.

What possible excuse could he find for such a jolly?

Well the campaign to bring HMS Whimbrel back to Liverpool stalled after the Egyptian government raised their asking price to £1 million.

"The £1m price is ridiculous and if I’m elected council leader, I shall go to Egypt to tell them this is not a commercial venture.” Liverpool Echo yesterday.

So apparently the trip is necessary as the only way to give the Egyptian defense minister that little nugget of information.

I have never been, but I am told they do in fact have telephones, email and can receive ordinary post in that country. Perhaps someone should tell Uncle Joe?

This is hot on the heels of Joe's bid to twin Liverpool with a city in South Africa in time for the world cup. No doubt this would involve even more arduous travel for our would be "Junket Joe", and on top of the £50,000 a year he could be planning to pay himself.

No wonder he is turning down the chance to be an MP. Not enough perks and travel opportunities!



Would it be possible for the City Council to undertake a feasibility study into the building of a replica Egyptian pyramid on the banks of the Mersey ? I realise that, if such a project were to be undertaken, it could take some time to complete, but maybe it would be possible to eventually recognise the contributions of Joe Anderson to local life by interring his remains there with all due civic ceremony ?

Sinking ship said...

Er ? Not quite sure here ? I'm told it's a rusty old hulk. Phone line very bad so don't know if the reference was to Whimbrel or Joe ?

a bit slow said...

Ah I get the title now! Giza is a city in Egypt and it's also a reference to the famous "boys from the black stuff" line Gizza Job!