Tuesday, March 9, 2010

REAL vile blogging

Labour visitors to this blog often like to take the moral high ground, condemning my canine brand of humour, particularly relating to some of my sarcastic comments about Luciana.

So I invite you to watch Luciana's obnoxious toad of a boyfriend in action, condemning anyone who fails to see the "humour" of him inviting people to have sex with Cameron's wife and take his children away.

It won't surprise readers all that much to learn that he is a former journalist for The Sun's sister paper, The News Of The World. Says it all really!

See the face of vile Labour blogging and dare compare anything I have said to workings of this idiot.

Of course it won't stop them, because they are hypocrites.



Er Sion ? Didn't you have a happy home before you met Luciana ?

Judas said...

Surely this man and this woman have not broken the Holy commandments have they ?

One foot in the grave said...

Oooh Luciana ! Your boyfriend really isn't the best looker is he ? You're clearly into older guys but please consider their looks. I am 67 years old but have the physique and energy of a ferret in the sack. Please reply "YES" and I'll contact you via Labour HQ.

Anonymous said...

OK as he says he's not a "proppa blogga" but he's certainly a proppa wankka!