Monday, March 15, 2010

Fellow voyager

A Mr Jimmy Kirk of Roddenberry Avenue wrote in to tell me that he had been away for the past 5 years, and was delighted to stumble across this enterprising blog on his recent flying visit.

He also predicted that Uncle Joe would be disappointed in May, as the Lib Dems cling-on to power, before offering up this potential lookalike of one of his fellow travelers.


Anonymous said...

You really are scraping the bottom of the barrel now. Not in the slightest bit funny.
You will get your come-uppance in May: No dry cleaning business, no council seat, and MOST DEFINITELY no Parliamentary seat.
Maybe then you will slither away and crawl back to the gutter where you belong. You sad little yesterday's man.

Dude the Dog said...


Dr Spock said...

Another Labour councillor taking offence at being compared to an award winning actor, in this case one regarded as a sex symbol amongst "trekies".

There's thin skinned, and then there is this lot. You are acting like illogical children.

And if you are genuinely suggesting that the next MP for Wavertree is masquerading as Sally the Sheepdog, then you are not just barking up the wrong tree, you are in the wrong forest.

Anonymous said...

Another one for you Dude...Irene Rainey and Audrey Roberts from Coronation Street!