Friday, March 26, 2010

If the face fits...

When making outlandish statements against your political opponents, you really need to stop and think twice about how it could turn around and bite you.

A classic example of this was exposed by Tom Morrison on his blog, after an online argument with my blogging nemesis, who was claiming that Labour leaflets are full of real people, "unlike Tom's leaflets".

Without wishing to spoil your enjoyment of Tom's article, he goes on to expose how Luciana's last glossy leaflet full of personal endorsements , was contained a number of "local residents" who are about as local as Camden Berger.

Not for the first time, I bet Luciana wishes you had kept your big mouth shut!


Wavertreee (with three 'e's) said...

...and Dude, in additon to this, can you imagine my surprise when delivering in the streets of Old Swan, Hark! and Behold! "Rose" leaflets for ANFIELD.

(Gee=tting brave arn't they, actually including Labour in its title - they haven't done that for a while).

Of course, we Silly Little Boys (SLSs) of the Garmoyle had a good ol' chuckle over that particular error. Because it wasn't just one. We found many, strooned over the streets.

Could it be a disgruntled Labour activist, fed up with the carpet-bagger?

Or is it they are so disorganised at Prescot Road (with one t) its a total joke?

Either is a likely senario, you have to agree.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that the Lib Dems have been abusing the DPA by searching through the electoral register like that.

Anonymous said...

Michelle Owens is a bonafide elector. She just uses her maiden name for her work and her married name on the register. Hardly sinister is it?

Judy, the Children's Servant said...

Dude, is it me or does it appear that those posting in support or defending Labour are 'Anonymous'?

Similarly, why hasn't this Michelle Owens used the name most people would know her by? Yes she has allowed her image to be used, but not a name that can be identified?

Labour are as weak as the dismal canvassing team I saw out earlier today in Old Swan.