Monday, March 29, 2010


As head of a sinister shadowy organisation, this particular villain always somehow manages to inexplicably survive from one thwarted escapade to another.

Yet you have to wonder if eventually one of his evil plots to gain power and money actually succeeded, whether his organisation wouldn't simply bump him of to replace him with a more respectable figure.


Mrs, Furious Gay said...

Ah! My fabulous favourite returns!

Such lovely skin, such panache in the chamber.

Mr. Anderson, you really get my heart a-raceing.

Anonymous said...

is this how low u will go you sick Bastard good job ur wife brings the money in, what about your leader swearing at an appentise at also when he swore at her I have it taped he was evil and we all know that bye

Dude the Dog said...

Dear Anonymous, please go away and don't return until you have learned how to string a coherent sentence together.

slightly confused said...

Question to Anonymous: