Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I'm told the first big debate of the election took place on Sunday night, unfortunately I wasn't there as the organisers chose to exclude canines from the proceedings.

Luckily I had my own undercover agents present.

I have previously reported on the number of minders Luciana seems to need as she goes about Liverpool, but this time she set a new record.

On less than seven Labour Councillors monopolised the front row of the hall to protect Luciana and deflect criticism from her, Jim Noakes, Liam Robinson, Beatrice Frankel, Anna Rothery, Steve Rotheram, the new Fazakerley councillor, and Irene Rainy.

After one woman heckled Luciana on the NHS, one of them interceeded and actually said "my wife works for the NHS, do you want to take it outside?" (Meaning of course, to talk about the issue)

Jim Noakes (aka Frank Sidebottom) tried to lead a cat-calling of Colin Eldridge, but Colin said "I see 7 Labour councillors in this room, and all you have done is hen-peck people" - to much applause.

With so many minders, perhaps they could draft in these two cockney geezers to help make her feel safer and more at home? It's certainly an obvious choice for a campaign song.


Anonymous said...

Dude, of those Labour Councillors you have mentioned only one of them has a wife - Steve Rotherham aka the man who wants to be MP for Walton. I am not sure that threatening an audience member is the sort of behaviour we expect from a would be Mp and former Lord Mayor.

Ethical Bella said...

Goodness me. La Frankel cat calling?? If she really was heckling a fellow councillor surely this shadow ethical governance spokesperson needs a talking to from someone who understands good manners!!!

The Dogs Baldocks said...

I think you will find it was Cllr. Steve "I'm replacing Kilfoyle" Rotherham who gave the offer of taking it outside.

He is a Fazakerley Cllr, isn't he?

Dude the Dog said...

Actually it was Sally's story not mine.

I'm shocked by the behaviour of Labour councillor's, even by their standards. I'm certainly no fan of cat calling, as i am sure you all guessed.

Walkies outside said...

Rotheham really takes the dog biscuit

Ethical Bill said...

Really, does Steve think that going along to support Luciana like that will impress the NEC or show that he is a team player?

I thought he had more dignity than that.