Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"Gota new mota?"

As Dale Street Blues reported, poor hapless Luciana is in trouble again.

This time "Two Cars Burger" has been caught hiding her own car (with it's £5000 personalised number plate) at her parents house in London, while she drives her brother's more modest car around on the campaign trail in Liverpool, with Labour insiders admitting this is part of a ploy to prevent her looking "too posh for Liverpool".Surely this is in itself an insult and is nothing but a snob's view on Liverpool. Was Jane Kennedy ever attacked (even on this blog) for driving round Liverpool in an expensive Jaguar?

It reminds me of the Labour MP who used to drive up to the outskirts of his poor mining constituency in his Rolls Royce, and swap to a mini for the last couple of miles.

More interesting is her claim to need two cars because she had to have separate cars in Liverpool and London.

Is that because you are really still living in London and only coming "oop north" to campaign? If so, then fine. But didn't you claim in your first press release to have moved to Liverpool "last year?" That wouldn't have been a lie would it?


Dixon of Dock Green said...

Isn't this numberplate illegal ? Spacing and fonts ?

Anonymous said...

Top prize to "Dixon" for failing to tell the difference between a newspaper mock up and an actual licence plate.
These Lib Dems are really on the ball aren't they?

In any case, who says this is worth £5000?

Anonymous said...

So you have taken to lurking in the Aldi carpark and taking photos of Luciana? Do you have the hots for her then? Get a life!

Dude the Dog said...

I think you will find it's the Mail on Sunday who were lurking in Aldi (or wherever it was) car park.

Sally and I have better things to do.