Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's chaos back there"

These where the words of one Labour councillor when told by a kind Lib Dem that the same Burger leaflet was being delivered to a patch for the third time.

Perhaps it is no wonder that so many signs are appearing in windows to say that residents don't want to receive berger and takeaway flyers. They are just sick of receiving the same bland message.

What happened? Did you over-order and decide to keep on delivering until you ran out of leaflets?

Further evidence of Luciana's campaign being in chaos came as Tom Morrision's blog reported that Luciana's carefully targeted mailing was being sent to Lib Dem candidates and even the Lib Dem agent himself.

These are the sort of errors that a normal candidate would have fixed a year out from the election. Poor, very poor.


Anonymous said...

How sweet, you are cross referencing to your own blog in the hope you get more readers.

Dude the Dog said...

Actually I only have one blog, and you are reading it right now!

Labour is finished said...

Sorry, I am a great fan of cheeseburgers and I know that Labour targets the Kenny McD's (viz their daft radio rubbish which few listen to )Decent doggies in Kensington and Fairfield advise their owners to vote for Colin Eldridge and Frank Doran.Labour is on the ropes !